The Personal Tribute


Recognized as one of the finest musicians around in the Saskatchewan area,  Jamie  showcases artistic works inspired by the best ETA's from Vegas and artist's around the globe. You'll find many recommendations from acclaimed professionals and local musicians.  Jamie's idea is to provide a differently mixed and new eclectic forum to live performances which is unlike any other Elvis Tributes you've seen.  Jamie concentrates mostly on the great Aloha years in Elvis's repertoire that kept him so famous throughout the 70's that many ETA's today don't even try to perform.

One Of A Kind...

Having a visually appealing and comfortable environment is important. That's what this tribute is designed for. Our show brings together new creative ideas, themes, and music reproduction along with by far the most personable show you will see.

Events & Exhibitions

A Return to Realism
February 17 to March 12, 2015


Extremely High Detailed Jumpsuits

Professional Studio Recorded Songs
 Detailed Performance Every Show

Outstanding fun for all ages. No two shows are the same.

Jamie Gass Tribute Regina Sask

Jamie Is one of the ultimate vehicles for expression by his voice, costumes and the realistic body movements that encourages audience engagement. It also is a catalyst for change. This tribute is by far the most fun to watch, listen and get involved while remembering the great legacy of the King of Rock n' Roll.